About The 9 Lives Project Rescue

Founded in 2020, we work with THE worst cats of Melbourne. We save, rescue and rehabilitate cats that most would consider far too feral from the streets, shelters and pounds. Our qualified behavioural experts have developed the latest rehabilitation techniques to turn any kitteh into a well behaved cat. Adopt one of our cats today because superheros wear furry clothes™.

Our Purpose

Helping every cat live their best 9th life by helping the “unsaveables” – the cats that are scared, aggressive, no one sees or wants, perceived as ‘feral’ or are believed to be ‘beyond help’.

Mission to Mars

To open a rehabilitation centre to create the world’s most exclusive community of elite cat rehabilitation specialists through our intensive training program.

Our values

We do not discriminate on behaviour, age, gender, breed, location or the health of any cats that we intake.

We save the scared, vulnerable, aggressive, sick, injured, unwanted, abused or unsavable cats from across the community.

We build and grow strong community of cat rehabilitation specialists, through education and training.

We work smarter not harder.

We help the cat owner community by making our specialist knowledge easily accessible.

We say thank you.

We innovate and constantly improve.

We do what we say we will do.

We practice open and honest communication.

We respond quickly.

We are deliberate not desperate.

We get things done and focus on results.

We demonstrate conscious and humble leadership that inspires trust.