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Donations of quality pet food, kitty litter, toys, collars, bedding, flea and worm treatments are always welcomed. We have donation drop-off points around Victoria from which we distribute these goodies to our team of amazing foster carers. Contact us for drop-off details.

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We now have a new way in which you can help us indirectly.

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If you click through into those companies and then purchase from them we get a from 2% to 10% commission of your sale.

This is completely transparent to you and never costs you anything extra.

It is a way of helping us simply by clicking on an internet page.

If you already purchase with any of these companies then that is great. If you click through from our website to theirs you can continue exactly as you have done, but you would then be assisting us with a commission of your sale.

These funds from your sales take 30 to 60 days to come through but they are all appreciated.

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