Fostering saves lives, and helps cats and kittens to adjust to a normal home life. A foster carer is someone who agrees to care for one or more of our rescue cats or kittens on a temporary basis until furever homes are found. When the cat in your care is adopted then you can opt to take on another cat to care for so that we can continue help cats to live their best 9th live.

What do I need?

We would prefer it if your animals get along with cats or have had positive experiences with them previously. We do prefer non-smokers or carers who do not smoke inside, where the foster cat will be housed.

So, what does it involve?

All of our foster carers are provided with a foster carers manual before they receive their first foster cat so that they can refer to it if any queries arise. We are more than happy to have you contact us about any concerns with your foster cat at any time of the day or night.

Any cats you agree to foster for us will be provided for by The 9 Lives Project in the way of bowls, bedding, toys, flea/worm treatments and any other medical requirements. The only real cost to you is time and love.

We also ask that you make yourself and home available (at your convenience of course), to allow prospective adopters to meet the cat you have in your care in the hope that they will want to make them part of their family. This may only happen once or as many times as it takes to get the cat adopted.

When we place your foster feline with you we ask you to sign a contract which ensures you care for the cat the way we have asked and clarifies that while in your care they are still the property of 9 Lives Project Rescue. We will also supply you with health monitoring charts that we ask you to complete on your foster cat for the first few weeks they are in your care. We ask you to do this so that you can assess if the cat is having any issues either with eating, drinking or going to the toilet. This is the easiest way that we can identify if the new feline has any issues/problems that we need to address