Feliway Cat Diffuser and Refill Set 1 Diffuser + 48ml


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Forget cat psychiatrists, Gregorian chants and wandering around the house miaowing at your cat. If you want to communicate with your cat, you need to know about pheromones. When a cat feels at ease in its environment, it produces a specific pheromone that operates like a kind of cat-language. If your cat is showing signs of stress, Feliway may be able to help. Feliway Cat Diffuser discretely releases a synthetic version of cat pheromones – odourless to humans and other animals – that mimics the natural pheromones of your cat and helps to promote a sense of calm. It might sound a little far-fetched, but the findings are scientifically based – and remember, Jumbo Pets only stocks APVMA-registered products. Product details Discrete plug-in releases synthetic cat pheromones to enhance feelings of familiarity and security in fearful or stressed cats assists cats in challenging situations such as moving house or renovating comes with handy refill.


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