Feliway Cat Spray 60ml


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Do you have a cat that scratches, yowls, hides or shows other signs of anxiety? Did you know that cats produce a specific scent, completely odourless to humans, when they feel at ease in their environment? The good news is that Feliway has come up with a synthetic version of this invisible scent marker, and bottled it. Feliway works by ‘talking’ to your cat in its own language, promoting a sense of familiarity and calmness. If you’re a little sceptical, remember that animals have used pheromones to communicate since time immemorial. And rest assured that Jumbo Pets only stocks APVMA-registered products. Product details Assists with reducing signs of stress or fear in cats mimics pheromones produced naturally by cats promotes a sense of calmness and familiarity.


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