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The Police Monster Truck Heist is the newest scene in LEGO City Every young crime-fighting, action hero fans will love the newest Police Monster Truck Heist featuring police hero, Tom Bennett and notorious crook, Big Betty. This awesome set includes 5 mini-figures, a bank-busting monster truck toy armed with a huge magnet, a bank building with a magnetic safe and a police surveillance truck and motorcycle – all for a full action-packed experience!Features: Comes with an easy-to-follow building instructions Helps promote a build-and-play experience This set includes 362 pieces to build feature-packed action toys: monster truck with magnetic arm, a toy bank building with magnetic safe, a police surveillance van and motorbike, plus police hero Tom Bennett and crook Big Betty minifigures. Dimensions when built: monster truck: 8cm (H) x 17cm (L) x 9cm (W), police surveillance van: 8cm (H) x 12cm (L) x 6cm (W) Suitable for kids ages 5 and up Fuel your child’s imagination through build-and-play with the Police Monster Truck Heist set!


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