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The LEGO City Stunt Team will take your child onto a big show! Get your little stunt hero ready for the biggest shows in the LEGO City with the LEGO City Stunt Team! Made for fans of the LEGO City TV Series, this set comes with 62 pieces to build themselves an ATV and a motorcycle for breathtaking stunts. Complete with LEGO City Minifigures stunt drivers wearing their helmets and a take-off ramp with flames for realistic imaginary scenes inspired by the LEGO City TV Series. The LEGO City Stunt Team is made for LEGO builders and LEGO City TV Series fans alike to build their very own Lego creations using the included Minifigures, accessories and an assortment of LEGO City-inspired elements in combination with the Instructions PLUS (available in the LEGO Life app for both smartphones and tablets) for the best building experience. Features: The LEGO City Stunt Team’s box opens up to 62 pieces to build a toy stunt ATV and a toy motorcycle. Includes 2 LEGO City Stunt Driver Minifigures wearing their helmets for safety. Accessories include a take-off ramp with scorching flames. Both the ATV and the motorcycle can accommodate the included Minifigures for awesome stunts. Let your LEGO City fan grasp the meaning behind the building steps whilst developing their imagination and confidence in making their very first LEGO brick creation in a familiar setting. Access the intuitive Instructions PLUS building instructions for the LEGO City Stunt Team using the LEGO Life app. Assist even little builders during the building process using the easy-to-use zoom, rotate and ghost-mode functions to visualise builds. The LEGO ATV, when built, measures approximately 4cm high, 5cm long and 4cm wide. The LEGO Motorcycle, when built, measures approximately 3cm high, 6cm long and 2cm wide. Compatible with other original LEGO playsets (each sold separately). Suitable for children from ages 5 years and up. Allow your child to start their independent LEGO journey with the super awesome LEGO City Stunt Team building set!


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