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LEGO Duplo Heart Box is a creative construction starter set for toddlers Encourage your child to start their imaginative journey by letting them build the LEGO Duplo Heart Box! With 80 pieces of toddler-friendly bricks and easy-to-follow instructions, this LEGO Duplo set is sure to provide your little one with a toy to play with independently or share with their friends. Your little builder can even mix some of the other LEGO Duplo sets (each sold separately) to create their own masterpiece as they continue to be inspired by everyday objects that they recognise and love. You can ask your child to assemble the bricks into something that they discovered in school for the day like a flower or a whale, and watch as they get their thinking cap on and start building! LEGO Duplo playsets are designed to urge children into having an open-ended play because anything is possible, making the LEGO Duplo Heart Box one of the best toys to add to your child’s playtime. Features: LEGO Duplo Heart Box comes with 80 pieces of toddler-friendly bricks. The included bricks can be assembled into 15 easy-to-make adorable objects that toddlers can find in their daily activities such as a house, an ice cream, a whale, a flower, and more! Can be mixed with other LEGO Duplo playsets for more creations (each sold separately). Promotes the use of creative imagination, self-expression and open-ended play. Product Dimensions: 28.2cm x 26.3cm x 11.9cm Suitable for children from 1 and a half years and older. Have a glimpse into some of your toddler’s precious moments by building the LEGO Duplo Heart together!


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