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LEGO Friends Party Boat playset lets your child spend their summer on a fun adventure with Emma, Andrea and Ethan! Let your child share summer stories with their LEGO Friends as they play make-believe with the LEGO Friends Party Boat! This summer-themed playset comes with 640 pieces to build a water party boat playset complete with a summer vacation kit including a detailed cabin, a water scooter, a flamingo boat, 3 buildable LEGO Friends Andrea, Emma and Ethan mini-doll figures and many more accessories, perfect for your child’s LEGO Friends’ upcoming summer adventure!
The LEGO Friends Party Boat playset comes 640 pieces of bricks and parts to create a party boat with a helm and a sail, a detailed cabin, a deck, a beach store and more.
It includes 3 buildable LEGO Friends Emma, Andrea and Ethan mini-doll figures.
Accessory elements include a water scooter, a flamingo boat, a microphone, and many more!
Build the scene then have fun arranging the included accessories to accommodate the included LEGO Friends mini-dolls.
The boat playset, when built, measures approximately 12cm high and 35m long.
Suitable for children from 7 years and older.
Urge your child to spend their imaginary summer vacay with their LEGO besties on a fun escapade when you let them build and play with the LEGO Friends Party Boat!


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