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LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post is a 201-piece playset that features Steve, a mine that explodes, a hostile skeleton, a trader and 2 llamas! Transform your child’s regular playtime to an action-packed one when you incorporate the LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post to their collection!! This set comes with 201 bricks and pieces to help encourage young Minecrafters to build an exciting playset filled with Minecraft themes such as the exploding mine, llamas on the run, a hostile skeleton to fight against and a trader who doesn’t seem to have anything to trade until a secret handle gets turned!
Featuring a LEGO Minifigure Steve, heaps of familiar tools and accessories, this LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post will surely give any Minecrafter the excitement of assembling and building in a real-life setting!
The LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post’s box opens up to 201 pieces to let your child enjoy hands-on fun building a fun playset filled with Minecraft fun such as an exploding mine and a trading post.
The playset also comes with a lever that when turned, reveal the trader’s goods!
Includes LEGO Minecraft Minifigure Steve, a trader, a skeleton and 2 llamas.
Let your Minecraft fan grasp the meaning behind the building steps whilst developing their imagination and confidence in making their very first LEGO brick creation in a familiar setting.
The playset, when built, measures approximately 14cm high, 14cm wide and 9cm deep.
Compatible with other LEGO Minecraft playsets (each sold separately).
Collect other Minecraft LEGO playsets (each sold separately) for more building fun in real life!
Suitable for children from ages 8 years and older.
Motivate your child to log off from the online world for a while and take the action into the real world with the LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post!


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