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LEGO Ninjago Storm Fighter Battle unboxes to 449 pieces that build into an aeroplane with 8 spring-loaded shooters, inspired by the TV series’ 4th season! Inspired by the 4th season of the TV series, this LEGO Ninjago Boulder Blaster brings your child their very own updated version of the aeroplane with 8 spring-loaded shooters equipped on its rotatable front to shoot at the wicked Eyezor or at the prison building to help rescue Lloyd! This playset comes with 449 bricks and parts to make your child’s Ninjago adventures become a part of their playtime fun.
Complete with 4 Minifigures Cole, Lloyd, Kai Legacy as well as Eyezor to help kids create the scenes of their dreams, this LEGO Ninjago Boulder Blaster will surely be an amazing new addition to your child’s playtime and a fantastic decoration when built!
The LEGO Ninjago Boulder Blaster playset comes with 449 bricks and parts to build an aeroplane with 8 spring-loaded missiles and a ninja prison.
Kids can enjoy shooting at the enemies or at the prison to help release the captured ninja!
Includes LEGO Minifigures Kai Legacy plus a small stand), Cole, Lloyd and Eyezor.
Guarantees hours of fun-building activity for your kids.
Can help in improving your kid’s imagination during their pretend play.
Vibrant and stunning non-toxic paints were used to colour each piece and brick. This is to ensure the safety of your kids.
Each brick and pieces of LEGO have been check to ensure it follows the highest global quality and safety standards. Since 1958, LEGO building bricks have met the highest quality standards in the industry.
When built, the plane measures around 12cm in height, 28cm in length and 25cm in width.
Suitable for kids, ages 8 years and older.
Take home the LEGO Ninjago Boulder Blaster and watch your child use their imagination when building one LEGO piece at a time.


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