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This LEGO Technic Off-Road Buggy is a buildable set with 374 pieces to build an app-controlled retro vehicle with front and back suspensions! Get your child to enjoy building just as much as racing remote-controlled cars with the LEGO Technic Off-Road Buggy! This set comes with 374 pieces of bricks and pieces to let your child build their very own Off-Road Buggy Car inspired by the popular RC toys from the ’80s with all-new front and back suspensions, massive tyres, a hood that can be opened, an antenna and super-cool retro details.
Using the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ App, your child can bust out the coolest moves that their new car can make including play combinations, sound effects, 3 control screens that let them drive forward, reverse, steer, accelerate and brake. The app even gives real-time feedback that indicates the speed and the tilt log to allow them to practise their skills in the challenge’s section. Complete with content and videos to inspire your young racer-turned-engineer, this LEGO Technic Off-Road Buggy will surely be your child’s latest toy to build and play with!
The LEGO Technic Off-Road Buggy’s box opens up to 374 pieces to build an amazing ’80s-inspired Off-Roader Buggy Car with a retro colour-scheme, huge tyres, front and rear suspensions as well as an angled front.
This stunning model is controlled via the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app with 3 control screens to choose from and features a one-touch control that lets players drag a direction on the screen to navigate the vehicle.
Comes with play combinations, sound effects, 3 control screens that let kids drive forward, reverse, steer, accelerate and brake.
The gives real-time feedback that shows the speed and tilt log to let your child practise their skills in the app’s challenge’s section plus inspirational content and videos.
Let your child grasp the meaning behind the building steps whilst developing their imagination and confidence in making their very first LEGO brick creation in a familiar setting.
LEGO Technic kits are perfect for children who are fond of building.
The LEGO Technic Off-Road Buggy, when built, measures around 13cm high (to roof), 19cm high (including its antenna), 28cm long and 16cm wide.
When built, this vehicle requires 6 AA batteries to run but doesn’t require any batteries when building.
Not compatible with LEGO Power Function-run systems.
Suitable for children from ages 10 years and older.
Let your child enjoy a meaningful building experience packed with the newest technology and high-speed action plus some retro themes brought by the LEGO Technic Off-Road Buggy!


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